How to deal with difficult partners?

In our working life we ​​can meet complicated bosses, but also with colleagues who are anything but easy to carry. With a difficult partner we mean the one who does not participate, does not help the rest, does not relate, is unfriendly or has a complicated character to wear. If you know what we are talking about here you have these 4 simple tips to deal with him or them in the simplest way possible.

1. Don’t try to change them …
… unless they give you signs that they want to change. Remember that nobody changes if you don’t want to. Trying to change a person who tries to impose their ideas continuously is a really complicated task, but there are also other profiles of people with whom it is easier to deal with. If that person in question gives you signs that he doesn’t like how he acts, give him a hand in whatever you can. You will all win.

2. Try not to get emotionally involved It
can happen that the most complicated people to carry, are also friends of yours or good companions on certain occasions. Getting emotionally involved with a changing person can mean you end up fatal. We all know a partner who does not know how he will answer you or how he will react to different situations, people with ups and downs that can become very cruel on certain occasions. Try to keep your emotional distance or you can get hurt.

3. Do not fall into your game
There are people who really seem to like to discuss or have daily confrontations with the rest of their peers. Well, if that happens to you, it is best not to enter the rag and fall into the same game of discussions, bad manners and lack of education. Even if it’s complicated, always stay in your place.

4. Ignore them It
is ultimately the easiest and most annoying path. “There is no better contempt do not appreciate”. Well, do a relaxation exercise and bite your tongue, so you probably get tired and stop downloading all your frustration on you.


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