Get ready for snow with your new BMW X1

We know it, the cold comes, and we don’t like that, but the snow season is coming, and ski lovers, we love that. Especially if we can go to the mountain with the new BMW X1 , prepared for all types of weather and soil, even the most slippery.

The new BMW X1 adapts perfectly even to the most demanding road conditions, thanks to its intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive. BMW xDrive combines the advantages of four-wheel drive, that is, motor skills, stability and driving safety, with the characteristic agility of BMW to offer even more driving pleasure. Distribute the traction between axles in a variable way according to the conditions. Sometimes, you can send up to 100% of the traction to one axis or another depending on the road conditions.

The precise handling of the vehicle, whether on the road or outside it, guarantees greater driver safety. This is possible thanks to a series of perfectly coordinated components. The basis is the almost optimal weight distribution between the two axes. The suspension designed to ensure maximum dynamism offers an exact response at any time. In addition, the new BMW X1 reduces consumption and emissions, thanks to the complete BMW EfficientDynamics measures .

Driving will become a pleasure, even in the most complicated situations, such as in the snow, on the way to your favorite ski slope and thanks to the different driving modes, you can individualize the experience. In this way, any journey is unique to the controls of the new BMW X1. More athlete, habitable and current and with a very complete standard equipment so you don’t miss anything.

Whether you choose Baqueira-Beret, Sierra Nevada, Formigal, Cerler or any other ski area, the new BMW X1 will allow you to forget about those complicated roads to reach the snowy mountain.

Baqueira-Beret has become an elite meeting point every winter. In this modern ski resort you can boast the elegance of the new BMW X1. The SAV style offers dynamism and sportsmanship in urban life.

After practicing your favorite snow sport in the incredible Sierra Nevada , don’t forget to visit the wonderful corners of Granada. All its citizens will recognize you the new BMW X1 even in the dark: its face with six eyes clearly identifies it as a member of the BMW family.
Formigal , in Sallent de Gallego, within the Aragonese Pyrenees, has 176 kilometers spread over 147 tracks, which makes it the largest station in Spain. What better way to approach with a 4 × 4 car? The new BMW X1 adapts to your lifestyle, so if you bring all the ski equipment from home, you can take it in your car, since the passenger’s backrest is foldable, and the second row of folding and adjustable seats.

Cerler is perhaps the younger sister of the previous ski resorts, but for a quieter plan, this place located in the Aragonese Pyrenees can become the perfect getaway to release the new BMW X1 . With all the services and applications that BMW ConnectedDrive includes, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on the ski slope and the surrounding area.

What else do you need to know to buy it? Surely, you are already choosing color to release it on your next getaway to the ski slope.


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