8 characteristics of great leaders

We all have one or more bosses in our company, but do we have leaders? We must be aware that the figure of the boss and the leader do not have to coincide in the same person. Finding a great leader is difficult since they have a series of characteristics that differentiate them from a simple boss. Here you have 8 characteristic features that will make you identify a true leader.

1. Knows how to listen
A good leader of a company knows how to listen to everyone: employees, colleagues, shareholders, clients … He is interested in knowing the concerns and opinions of each of the people who make up his company, since he is aware that each One is an important piece of it.

2. He cares about his employees and colleagues
Another of his characteristics is empathy. If any of the links in your company has a problem, whether personal or professional, a good leader will be concerned and will do everything possible to correct it.

3. Has charisma
Of course to be a leader you have to have charisma, that is, convey a certain “attraction” to the people around you. A charismatic leader is one who motivates and arouses the admiration of his employees.

4. It probably started from the bottom.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, but it often happens that when a leader starts from the bottom of the company, when he reaches an important position, he is much more empathetic and reasonable than another who started directly from the top.

5. It is decisive
That is, it knows how to cope with the problems or challenges that arise in your company. He is a determined person who is able to face everything that comes.

6. Knows how to delegate with total confidence
Many bosses sin of not knowing how to delegate to their employees and colleagues, which is essential to properly run a company. A good leader follows a series of guidelines before delegating, but does so and with total confidence.

7. Continue learning
Never tire of learning. He attends courses, lectures, talks … all in order not to let his knowledge rust and become obsolete.

8. He loves his company
It is something fundamental. A good leader is one who loves your company and is willing to (almost) anything for it. He is passionate about his work and likes what he does.


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