10 keys to face ideas without travel

It can carry the best intention in the world but, not all ideas are equally great or deserve the same attention. There will be the case in which, before a proposal, you run out of words. Do not panic! In your day to day you can face atypical ideas that seem to be part of a joke. You have to get out of the situation without damaging the professionalism of others. Lean on these 10 keys.

1. Do not close immediately
It is preferable that you have a positive and open attitude to any idea. The negativity will only lead to the demotivation of your team and put barriers in your communication with them. Give each project a chance and be interested in it.

2. Listen to what they have to say

Pay attention to each of the points on which the idea is based. Although at first you think it is an atypical thought, perhaps, throughout the explanation, you can find more valuable objectives for your business from which to get a better performance.

3. Ask them to explain your strategy
It is a way to make the person who has the idea strive to design a plan to carry out your project. He himself will be able to realize if it is worth continuing with the process or, on the contrary, he will not give the results he expects. It will prevent you from rejecting the idea.

4. Share the idea with professionals
Even if you don’t think it is a good initial idea, it is recommended that you make the rest of the team participate in all the principles on which it is based. Perhaps, between one and the other, one can bring clarity to the subject and give another approach to the proposal.

5. Make your opinion public
If, from your point of view, the idea presented lacks the necessary strength to invest working time in it, let it know as soon as you have clear your reasoning. It is your opinion and should be known by all. It does not mean that it is worse or better but they have the right to know it.

6. Encourage dialogue with teammates
Your own teammates may be the ones who advise you and lead you to make a decision based on the general interests of the team. Among all, you can better evaluate the keys of the idea and assess whether it is really worth betting on it.

7. Try to look for other perspectives
If what you hear does not convince you, motivate your employees to continue thinking about how to improve the idea. Present your own conclusions and the paths where you would look to continue. Be a guide and the ideas will be more faithful to your thoughts.

8. Take care of your words
Communication is essential when it comes to moving forward with an idea or, on the contrary, throwing it away. Show the education and training you have and always try to use a positive vocabulary even if the project does not succeed.

9. Rate the initiative shown.
Your team has to feel supported at all times. The proper functioning of a business depends largely on the knowledge and effort of its employees. If you don’t like an idea, motivate them to continue to fully exploit their abilities and always be alert.

10. Be subtle and discard the proposal
From the first moment you have known that the idea you were being presented did not have much validity. You have been able to listen and give it a try but, the moment of truth comes. Be honest and explain the reasons that led you to that conclusion.


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